A three day portfolio enhancing experience for you and that faithful camera of yours.


The Wonder Workshop was created with you-the aspiring wedding photographer in mind. Like all creatives, we need to be inspired-but often times find ourselves burnt out, needing direction, or just in need of a dreamy scene ready to be photographed. This three day workshop will combine all of these things into a time away from your norm-allowing you to connect with others in the industry, all the while working with Dallas' leading vendors. Let's talk more! Is this for you?

- Aspiring wedding photographers who feel confident shooting in manual mode and editing their images to their personal style. 

- Ladies who need need a recharge and encoragement! 

- Photographers who are looking to gain further direction in the wedding industry, or looking to make changes in order to grow their businesses.

- Those who know the style of weddings they would love to shoot, but have yet to attract that particular clientele. Couples who are fun, stylish, artistic, and planning a wedding that will leave you excited to get home and edit a sneak peek image!

- Photographers who need a change of pace in their current portfolio. Ready for all kinds of beautiful? Lush florals, one-of-a-kind backdrops, designer wedding attire, stunning models, delicious desserts-combining to create every photographers dream wedding!